Q: Can I mount my LCD or plasma TV above the fireplace?
A: Yes, call us at (916)489.WIRE for more information.

Q: Is it safe to hang a LCD or Plasma TV above my fireplace?
A: Yes! If you use Live Wire Installations we will not install the TV unless it’s in a safe location.

Q: What cables do I need for my LCD TV or Plasma installation?
A: This depends on what you’re hooking up. Call (916)489-WIRE for more detailed information

Q: How far should I sit from my large screen Plasma TV or LCD TV?
A: The distance to sit from your large screen Plasma TV or LCD TV is based on the size of the flat panel screen.

Q: Will Live Wire Installations be offering OLED TV or SED TV Installation Service?
A: Yes, Live Wire Installations offer OLED TV Installation for both commercial and residential locations.

Q: Where do you provide professional installation service for large screen LCD TVs and Plasma
A. Almost everywhere in Northern California currently. Call our TV Installation consultants for more information on our
installation coverage area.

Q: Do prices go up if I have a larger screen TV?
A: In some areas an additional fee is required for LCD or Plasma televisions larger than 50″. Most of our competitors
charge extra for televisions that are larger than 40″. Call (916)489-WIRE to get our prices for Plasma television,
Home theater and LCD TV installation prices from Live Wire Installations Consultants.

Q. Are the cables that are needed for the installation included?
A. Rest assured that when we quote you a price for an installation, everything that is needed is included in the price. There are no hidden charges.

Q. Is moving the power outlet included?
A. This depends on the installation package you purchase.

Q: Could I be charged more than what I agree to?
A: No,never. We require a site survey (on custom jobs) before the installation is started to get the correct scope of work and cost to the customer.

Q: Do you provide commercial installation services?
A: Yes, we provide installation for commercial, business and government locations.

Q: Do you charge extra for commercial, business, or government LCD TV or Plasma TV installations?
A: It really depends on the structure of the building. The only variables are access to the location and materials needed to complete the job.

Q: How long does it take to complete the installation?
A: Most packages take 3-4 hours, Premium and Platinum can take longer. TV installation for very large LCD or
Plasma screens can take longer due to the size and the additional installation requirements for the wall

Q: How soon will someone come out to perform my installation?
A: Typically 1-3 business days after you have placed an order for professional LCD TV, Plasma TV, or
Home theater installation. Occasionally it may take longer.
We now have Next Day TV Installation Service call us today to find out more.

Q: What if my Flat Panel TV hasn’t arrived at my location yet? When should I order the installation service?
A: We recommend ordering your plasma or LCD TV installation service as soon as possible. This gives you
the best opportunity to get the installation on the exact date and time you require. You can always push the date out if it doesn’t arrive as long as you call us prior to the day of the appointment.

Q: Does the installation include the price of the Wall Mount?
A: This depends on the installation package you purchase.

Q: Will the installers set up my DVD player,video games and other components?
A: Every service package we provide includes setting up all the video and audio components. Please
refer to our list of different flat panel installation packages to find the one that meet your requirements.

Q: What if I need something done that is not on your installation service package?
A: Call (916)489-WIRE and we will develop a customized quote to meet your needs.

Q: Does Live Wire Installations offer Next Day Installation Service?
A: Yes. There may or may not be an additional charge depending on our schedule.